Diary of an early adopter of the Apple Watch: Day-0

Day-1… Day-0 with the Apple Watch:

Before I start, I must say that I almost didn’t receive it on the 24th morning. While crashing at my friend’s place, the delivery man wouldn’t hand to me for a reason or another. It’s a little stressing to see your $700 worth package being kept away. Great start.

Anyway, the real deal wasn’t the day of delivery but the day of order. From here in Europe, pre-orders started at 9am sharp on both Apple’s website and the iOS Apple Store App. I made sure I updated my current country of residency in which case only could I enter my delivery address. Next, with a $700 tap, Day One ignited and lasted 2 weeks onward. That is what I would like to talk about: how i spent 14 days building up expectations and enthusiasm. Boiling at some point, doubting at some others. Let me tell you the story of how I bounced from skeptical to excited, back and forth.

700€ later… 2 weeks wait

I must confess that I am quite a patient person but at this point, waiting til June wasn’t an option. During those 14 days, life kept going. The amount of time spent online looking for every bit of information drastically increased. What could I actually do with the damn watch? To what extent could it change the way I interact with my smartphone. aka every modern man’s most important item. I explored anything that regarded its usefulness, including business reports and other watches’ reviews

Here are few of my findings:

The Independent’s ” The Apple Watch, what it is good for”

Venturebeat’s “I spotted an Apple Watch on the train this morning and now, I’m a believer”

Here is Techradar’s comparison with the Moto 360

You can also watch Wall Street Journal’s immersive video:

 “(…) I awkwardly hold my wrist up to this and… ok that’s pretty cool, especially since you don’t even have to have your phone nearby.”

Meet my 6 years long friend

I’m now sure you know how divided between skeptical and excited I was. But at this stage, I could only speculate about something that was yet to be delivered. One way to make sure of what it wasn’t, was to look at my current watch.

I expected from Cupertino the same size, circular, a little fancy yet traditional frame. Needless to say that the above watch made me happy until the band broke. While ordering a new one, I was reminded by the locksmith of what a fine piece it is. Elegant strong brown leather, sober frame with its dark green and dark red inner rings. The display of Italian cities names at the edges of its sleek curvy plate had me choose this watch as well. And again, it is quite large but just as thick as the Apple Watch though. Despite a long search, that watch had me dismiss all the other tabs in my browser.

Despite my reluctance for the huge D&G right in the middle), I must say that I am no stranger other types of frame. Square or ovale, I am sure there are some of you out there who are happy with the look and feel of Apple’s new baby.

In conclusion, these thoughts experiments were quite representative of my 14 days journey. Next article will be about my first impressions upon unboxing.

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