VIDEO: Elliptic Labs

By: Jen Rizzo

Elliptic Labs delivers touchless gesturing for multi-platform human interaction. This short video was created to provide a high-level overview of their technology for their website.



Where Sony first attempted to provide a touchless interface to the mainstream users, it wasn’t that much convinient as Elliptic Labs’s as the distance between the screen was of few millimeters. Eliptic Labs’ technology provides, as they describe it, a very cheap, Low-CPU, seemingly easily-implementable tech that provides a 2 meter distance and angle of interaction thanks to ultrasound sensors chips. Upon checkin their VIMEO channel, I also learnt that their chip, mounted on several device let’s them communicated with each other. That of course, is only showed as a concept but with sufficient pieces of coding and software, it wouldn’t sound to strange to say that it is just few steps away.


What I still feel is missing, is a hightened responsivness that helped smoothen the User Experience: I’d rather have a sensor helping scroll pictures as I move around and scroll one big time if I give it a big wave, than gesture-based commands that lacks fluidity and smootherness as the sensors need to record and process the gesture and wait for it to end.

What do you think?

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