Samantha Cole: 5 Big ways Education will change within the next 5 years

Education has known a variety of changes over the last past decades indeed. I mentioned to my parents once the idea of taking an extra year of class while travelling. I realized I should actually start with explaining what MOOCs are.

Click on the picture to custom this map’s criteria Courtesy of Open Education Europa

Massive Open Online Courses are the child of information technologies and Education. It allows publishers to reach more students and allow them to interact with each other disregarding distances. Besides its cool, it is a huge step forward that I personally experienced 4 hours a day, enrolled in some free/not free programs in graphic design. That kind of tech lets professors explore new ways and develop new skills that are becoming identifiable as well as necessary.

So not only that the studentship experience is changing but the infratstructures behind them too. if not now, universities and schools will have to adapt. I personally had a look into this and I was surprised to discover content from Harvard, Standford being accessible for free. But this isn’t new. It was already the case some 10 years ago with iTunes podcasts. The user would just subscribe to get content instead of “enroll”,”participate” and “submit”. This is due to progress i.e. highspeed internet to share, communicate, mobility in devices.

Back in the days, I used to teach French over Skype. It was already a little bit of a hassle to submit homeworks back and forth. In highschool, I also took part in classes of which content was provided by home-school programs. My teacher was only there to help us go through it. So I had some little insights there and there on the variety of ways educational content can be delivered and assimilated. It had me thinking technology and education are a damn good match, let alone a challenge. Still, it is not so much about providing mobile equipment and lose focus on what we teach the next generations.

Anyway, while digging, I came accross Samantha Cole’s ticket, author @ Fast Company, you can read her article here.

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