VIDEO: iPad vs iPhone User Experience: Square at Sightglass

This must be the kind of video that I would be shooting all the time. the one filled with insights and critical information regarding your users, out there in the open and yet, you wouldn’t find them anyyhere no matter how many hours you spend coding your app and testing it inside.

Please have a watch below:

iPad vs iPhone User Experience: Square at Sightglass from bolt peters on Vimeo.

From the video above, I’ll remember these things:

– When it comes down to create an edgy design and service design, I will also remember that it’ll serve a thriving business and variables such as time of purchase can significantly impact not only the general user experience but also the business.

– Using different devices could produce in drastically different experience as a result, possibly due to display width here. I’d go LOTR: One device to serve them all.

– Ultimately, 44 seconds of time of purchase isn’t much at all, or should we ask professionals if it makes a difference during crowded days. But relatively, the purchasing process via the iPhone taking twice as much as the one on the iPad is a detail that cannot be let unconsidered.


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