The Steve Jobs Syndrome diagnosed

I found this very interesting articles about what Samsung America’s former Head of Product strategy Kevin Lee calls the Steve Jobs Syndrome, which partially could explain why start up companies are often caught up in their own vision of the enxt big thing while current technologies do not allow them to exist. And to illustrate such a point. Kevin Lee brings on the table my favourite argument: the perfect smartwatch versus current battery technologies.

the articles mainly focuses on Samsung’s designs and lines which, as opposed to Apple’s, are many but most of all low-margin lines, partially explaining why the latter raises as much as revenue as the first. The author Mark Wilson (twitter) raises some other points, questionning some other designs and organisational behaviors that help digging the hole in which the Korean firm stands today.

My favourite part is :

“(…) Have the hubris to make a handful of exquisitely designed products that offer not just enticing features but holistic experiences. And everyone will want them.”

Please have a read here.

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