Bang & Olufsen’s Moody Sound System

As a musician, I’d like to say music has played a major part in my life. From my older siblings playing piano and singing gospel since I was a young boy, they conveyed it all the way down to me and their own children. Not only creating music, but also listening to it. I believe that Music does play a significant part in everyone’s life.

Over the years, while music has kept doing the same job as in how we related to it (helping us focus, remember, enjoy a night out, empowering sportman and sportwomen, etc…), only the music industry has significantly changed as well as the business surrounding it.

As a big consumer of music, I do have couple of expectations and rituals regarding the matter: I like to listen to one particular track again and again because I really enjoy it (Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk, Toussaint Morrison’s Jane or Haywyre remix of Smooth Criminal), I also like to regularly refresh and discover new artists, tracks according to my likings. and finally, I also tend to listen and practice bass guitar with certain particular tracks. I could ask myself how to either keep that routine coming up or if there are room for more satisfaction and/or improved consumption.

bang-olufsen-beosound-moment-designboom06I personally didn’t know anything about Bang & Olufsen before I heard of their latest device the BeoSound Moment. My latest thoughts on the topic -hwo to improve my experience- were focusing on digital players’ UI. (I woud love to be able to cue back to a part of a song, have all songs sequenced as begining>bridge>chorus, etc instead of inacurately scrobbing around). While my ideas were merely focused on one track at a time, Bang & Olufsen’s Moment goes some other places and aims at providing the perfect song for the… moment. In order to match your mood best, it is said to use what they call the Pinwheel: The rainbow circle of colours as seen above that let the select a music genre by tapping on a color. 3042592-inline-i-1-a-sleek-designer-stereo-that-reads-your-mindConnected to the user’s Deezer/Spotify account, the device will search and play a random song that falls into the color/genre instantly. One thing to aknowledge is that the closer to the center the tap, the more likely the song will belong to the music genre. And by connecting this process to the 35 million songs Spotify/Deezer provide, it makes it all a -potentially- very effective way at providing one’s song for theiir moment.

You can read more about it here.

My point of view regarding their device stands as the following: I really like the fact that a device aimed at knowing its user and their mood isn’t actually asking for it in a direct manner or any other too sophisticated ways. It seems to relate to the user with colour which is not only a universal language but seemingly a very effective way to communicate about one’s moods and states of mind. Red for rock, orange for jazz. light purple for something close to jazz such as funk/soul all of that by softly tapping on the shiny glass of a very welcoming piece of furniture.

In terms of conception and reasoning, I still wonder where the final design and the concept touched and interact with each other and I am sure there would be a lot to speak of as well.

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