The New Pebble Watch comes in wider and colored screen

pebble watch

While having a look at the direct above picture, I remembered what I personally disliked about many of those watches out there: The lack of design-sexyness, or the overrated videos and features shown off the Web while the actual user satisfaction stands between a regular rock and a toaster.

From deep down my soul, I mostly wasn’t attracted to Pebble due to its design that isn’t what I am looking for in a Watch. Having pieces of fashion for over 10 years on my left wrist, I am sure you understand my point of view on the matter. As in adding technology and turning into a smartwatch, something that stills looks like a watch would have my bucks over anything else I presume.

So far, I have been amazed by Morola’s 360 of which round screen makes it really sexy to my eyes although a little thickness. regarding functionality, well we are still in the situation where the number of features exceeds the digits in battery life. Pebble belogns to th few of which battery life does its job and lasts for over a day, thanks to its e-ink display. That being said, from my personal experience, its design ressembles that of sportwatch, while it keeps focusing on the topic, without showing any superficial UI elements, and other fancy graphics.

pebbleAs for UI/UX, i think current smartwatch manufacters have a lot to learn from how Pebble’s its job and maybe meet in the middle with both design and functionality.

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