Behold M.I.T.’s underwater self-assambling chair

Among many cool projects the MIT unveils, the latest one is the self-assembling chair. As for the everything on the Internet, don’t let yourself fooled by the fancy title. It doesn’t take too much searching to understand some facts about the chair in 3 bullet points:

– The chair components feature fans allowing them to interact with each other. To alter water currents, rather randomly so. I suppose they are effective only in areas the size of this feature aquarium. As they feature limited computer power, we can’t be expecting much for now.

– There are magnets set on different magnetic strength to assemble only with their counterpart-magnet.

– Take your time, sip a drink while physics does the job. It can take up to 7 hours before you sit underwater according to Engadget

We can reasonably predict that the smallest assembly time is a little lengthy too. Although, the video does spark a million ideas and applications in my head. the direct benefit from self-assembling technologies is that it unburdens us humans. One must “only” consider the environment where it’ll be self-assembling and resting while designing. Which makes me say, Iron Man’s air-born self-assembling armor technology isn’t for tomorrow. Yet, MIT’s work let’s us glance at the future. Inhabiting new worlds, terra-forming deserts, planets aren’t too far from now. Let alone the lack of habitats due to overpopulation and climate change. That’s one element of the sci-fi book I’m writing.

I suggest you watch this video below:

Fluid Assembly Furniture from Self-Assembly Lab, MIT on Vimeo.

And you, what application can you think of? If you’d own something you’d like to see self-assembling, what would that be?

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