VIDEO: Memory Mirror – The World’s first Digital Mirror

Memomi is a self called first digital mirror ever manufactured thus by Memomi labs. Discribed as a must-have for clothings shops, it intervienes in the purchase process and aims not only at making outfit comparisons but also provide easy ways to share small clip of videos and pictures with your friends and relatives by email.

In addition to the benefits described above, my personal thought is that it illustrates another example of how technologies can be brought to sell/interactions points with customers along with entertainment and positive influence on the User Experience. Customers can now see how they carry themselves 360 degrees wide in videos as opposed to a picture or an actual mirror where any stance is merely ephemere.

Please also watch CBS’s footage here below:

n.b: For having explored the relationship between marketing and innovation in my master thesis, I tend to dispise a little the self-awarded title of “First Digital Mirror” since the features shown by Memomi’s product can simply be descontructed as the following: A camera, a display, a computer to run algorithms and filters. All of which exist for over the last decade now. In other words, using an app that adds zombie-like traits on one’s face during the next halloween is merely no different.

Depending on how one “manipulates” the core product/core concept relationship with the components, the result will belong to a certain type of innovation as seen here or here. Again, from a personal point of view and from my studies and self readings, there is rarely -if not all- such thing as a “first” in technologies, ultimately only in terms of concepts.

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