Values, a stack of social flashcards

As a person, as an individual in my twenties, I can turn around, have a look at how far I have advance to come to realise that I have built up values over the years, things, topic that I like to focus on in life and other things that jeopardise my sanity and make me go nuts i.e. when my flatmate doesn’t sort trash, or finish their plate clean. That is one way to know what your values are through the medium of what shocks you the most or what weighted in the balance while taking decisions you took. But often, it is very difficult to actually put words and speak of them as much as it is difficult to find people who share the same values.

A kickstarter project came out not to long ago called Values, a stack of social cards through which the author Genis Carreras would like you to realise that you may not be so different from others. Their Kickstarter page reads the following:

A series of beautiful cards visualising what makes us who we are.


The creator of Philographics speaks of “invisible drivers of human behaviour” that influence everyone’s lives in terms of decision-making and surely other traits. Apart from their goal, they are also a great example of how information design can help deliver such a message: They display crystal-clear graphics and diagrams, each cards underlining one specific value.


They can serve several purposes such as improving work and management, sparkling discussions an debates and or simply for one to keep them up on their wall in the pursuit of your own goal.

Now on Kickstarter, Values is a new deck of flashcards that aims to make people realize there isn’t such a big gap between all of us, really. The Values deck uses design as a tool to help people better understand themselves and the people they know.

I warmly recommend watching their video on their Kickstarter page and back them up if you wish to receive your own stack!

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