Education sought to be brought the next level with Virtual Reality.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in class, while staring at the Earth from a sattelite view? As an amateur of Astrophysics, I have often been what it would be like step on the moon. Not only the feel but what it looks like to spin your head around and see the Earth one side, the sun on the other and walk around.

While NASA plans to work with Microsoft’s HoloLens to make such experience possible (starting with Mars), a similar is currently being promotoed as a Kickstarter project that you can find called the Appolo 11 Experience.

Indeed, with the avent of Virtual Reality, we can today explore innovating ways to immerse ourselves into new worlds, new landscapes as well as History’s past experience. Let’s face it, Virtual Reality is all about immersion, expanding the overall experience to the next level.

Let’s say, I was to create and design a VR product. In terms of UX, my input would be that if I was to design a device aimed at reproduce “a reality”, I would go back to the roots and ask myself how we -humans- observe and process reality/our environnment. I like to consider the Universe as a collection of information which our brains picks up using our senses. Our Sight and Hearing are our most powerful instruments for experiencing the world we live in. Indeed we think and see in 2D and most of our alerts, notifications, communication, alarms are set aloud. The point of all that being that in order to “Hack your brain” into i.e. thinking you are in another location/rewire your brain/out of body experience., you may want to focus on those two senses, suppressing one to let the others prevail/overwelming them, etc….

If you clicked on of the links above, you probably noticed they either suppressed sight, over-stimulate hearing among other things to induce immersion and suppress most influence and information from the immediate environment. That is how I would create an immersive reality.


Have a look at the Appolo 11 Experience video below:

Read more here:


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