Aaron Walter on Connected UX: “Everyone is a researcher”

I would like to recommend this article by Aaron Walter on Connected UX. I remember reading some of the author work long ago when I was still a student in the Czech Republic.

Back in Fall, Serial, a real-story telling podcasts voiced by Sarah Koenig and sponsored by MailChimp, I dug into this only to find out that Aaron Walter was the Director of User Experience… at MailChimp.

MailChimp is an alternative way to send beautiful and rich emails as well as a powerful marketing device aimed at improving your communication with your targets, with statistics, automation, profiling and a powerful email editor.

Back to our topic, to read what Aaron Walter has to say on Connected UX, please click here and here.

I also really recommend you to subscribe to Serial. You will learn more by visiting this link.

And finally, to preview and eventually sign up at MailChimp, go here.

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