UI Matieral design: “Share Results” —- Ramotion.com


Source: http://ift.tt/1zGoh0M

Another nice exemple of a smooth and swift UI design. What I notice here is that the way all motions guides the eye and attention, through a medium of 5 colors and clever typography. It also display flat design while spraying some shadows there and there to mark sections.

From the motion design point of view, I’d put the light on the progressive lines that seem to be racing (It is obviously a sport app), but also, kind of loading: In deed the result could be displayed immediately but thanks to those lines, our attention is drawn on right onto them so we read our results first and only then the button appears, which comes in second. To me, UX/UI is very much about this and nothing else: How to draw the intention, how guide the eye and not the tap. Also, we can noticed that having the button in red or blue would have disrupted the way things are set on the screen and probably caused a little bit of confusion, disregarding the purpose of using this color or another.

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