Day/Night Toggle Button by Tsuriel —-

Day/Night Toggle Button by Tsuriel —

In Design, there are no -ultimately- wrong or right answers to a business need (or should it rely on the accuracy of the specification…).This sponsor wants you to display their logo on your efficiently on your frontpage, you will do so, follow certain garde-fou such as ergonomics, preserve the existant page to a certain extant, coloc scheme, etc… but ultimately, the answer to “a logo on webpage” as business spec, is a logo on a page as a result in design.

The result above though is just what you see and doesn’t rely apply to a business situation. The gif by Tsuriel is named only “Day/Night Toggle”. There isn’t any explicit feature attached and let’s just forget about any specification: It is merely a concept and it could just be about anything: General day/night feature for easy reading, global interface nightmode manual switch, or a gameplay feature in a video-game…

What other use can you imagine? Please share with us.

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