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I have found these article from UX Magazine:

The Psychologist’s View of UX Design

I warmly recomend it for anybody who works with users, from business entrepreneurs to engineers.

As a Project Manager graduate, I have been taught how to drive budgets, time and ressources and I have steered couple of projects before expatritating myself to Central Europe. Those three notions are to be taken as dimensions of your project: Meaning that just like physical dimensions, they can increase or decrease in value and depending on the adjustements the project manager will make, it will drastically influence the quality of the deliverable. That is the very first statement I heard from my professor, after which, he taught us the very next important thing which is monitoring. And in order to do so, you must design your own tools.

Today, some companies are still developing their tools in-house while it may be easier and might make more sense for example to purchase a “pro version” of DropBox than developing your own cloud storage solution for the case of a mid-sized project, a start up or anything similar.

Regarding only the above storage solutions, my thought on the matter is that disregarding marketing (price, performance, engineering feature) they also, if not entirely, rely on their UI and UX on which anybody has an opinion: some may wish it was more like this, that this export feature should be made more visible, some would love to repeat the experience they had with competitors because of their adjacent services (i.e. Apple’s continuity feature) and some others could be familiar with the desktop solutions but entirely new to the smartphone app

My opinion on this is that indeed, to some extent, the Experience Design regarding B2B software actually does matter and after reading the article I posted above, I do wonder to what extent it applies to B2B solutions from a cognitive and psychologic point of view where the “corporate” style prevails upon all.

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