Another like from my favourite UX/Tech Blog: inspirationmobile



This is Auxy, a music app very enjoyable graphically joining hands with Minimal design and usability.

Personally, I am a musician who had my share with music apps. Composing with the producing ones, learning with the companions ones and my thought about Auxy is that it comes trying to outsmart other competitors facing the challenge of making music easy for intermdiates music literates: It doesn’t really require hard knowledge of music to play, the little you may know may rise to the next level thanks to a certain amount of effects and tweaks that the user can find in the app.

For having using iMPC for a while, I must say those apps all require some extra gear in order to let the user fully enjoy certain features, as for exemple a Midi interface/Mixer and speakers being the minimum. It’s not mendatory but regarding User Experience, producing is about hearing what you’re doing, a natural manner and edit it in real time.

Please watch their video online:

You can also go full geek about it as show here.

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