Another like from my favourite UX/Tech Blog: betweenstudio


This one made me think of information architexture of a clock work: It is a technology that has stayed fundamentally the same : revisited circles to desapearance of numbers. It also took form the of Tron-like design for the shape and gauges for the information delivery.

This above one goes back in time but comes and scrambles around what our very knowledge of watches. Bear with me as I try to describe below my feel of it.

My insight is that this concept takes away the abilitiy to oversee the full wheelof your watch. To me, who had a digital for quite a long time, the wheel was making it easy to “do the math” (how much time left til this, it’s quarter to Xpm, etc) without actually thinking of numbers: I just had to devide the circle in fours, or more and I could visually obtain my answer.

Eventually, what I have come to think of is to consider the fact that instead of dividing the full circle in 60 minutes, each “hour segment” would instead be divided in 6 tens, giving the ability to “do the mathematics” at least between consecutives hours. New habits, new usage, new UX right there.

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