Another like from my favourite concept Material Design

google material design


Another great example of Google’s material design, pushing UX/UI to the next level for almost over a year now.

My personal feeling about this one is the way it guides our eyes and feel. For example: For many navigation apps, they would just display the maps and few elements on the maps, leaving the User in the dark regarding how to “do stuff” with the app. They’d put a button but as my interaction design tutor said: “The button is the last option”. 

Indeed, Losing a little bit of space to display important data, and using that medium for an improved usability by adding motion design in the equation is why I love Googe’s opinion about the topic.

Plus, you gotta say, it is far from ugly and when you think about it, with bigger and bigger screens, it used to mislead developers into thinking they should size up maps.

Recently, a friend of mine has been hire for a navigation app company, which differs from Google Maps, Apple’s or likes as it is what they call an “Urban Navigation Map”. The main feature being that it’ll take you to locations within a given city and would merely focus on that last point. As that app wanted to be your urban companion, I told mw friend my opinion about the version they had at a time this:

If I feel lost, when I get my phone out, what information do I want to get and how and what for? The answers were a the street name, a pin on a map. Done.

Now that I have those information, I also already knew mw destination. What do I do with your app? There I told my friend that that process should be the easiest possible as in user flow and ergonomics: I suggested to cut off a bit of the map (No need for a wider view on start up) and make space for the “From:” and “To:” fields.

And that was simply it: the idea for a UI was there, defining Usability and so one, ignoring just yet most of design features but yet, we had something.

That being said, I mentioned above Nav. Apps showing detailed and enlarged maps…Well to me, it is surprising for me to see so many Urban Nav Apps, showing only lots of fields, lots of colours and menus, only to get from A to B whereas they pretend to be your best companion app, but show so little of empathy for users.

And you, what’s your favourite Urban Nav App and why ?

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