A concept of a redesigned Notification Center for iOS

We all have had an extensive use and feel of Apple Notification Center since the release of iOS 5. It came in as a convenient and practical way to deal with alerts which often disrupt user flow. All the way to iOS 8.1.3, the notification center hasn’t gone through to many upgrades. Except for 2 majors updates intended at making it more contextual (Today Page) and its port to Mac OS.

But who hasn’t rousted against its lack in customization? its rather little interaction with notifications themselves? I have many applications filling my NC within an hour. Thanks to jailbreak tools and Cydia, I am able to fold items into headers and delete them in one tap. Which makes me say: I feel there is still room for improvements, let alone suggestions.

Here 3 designers’ suggestion who’s angle seems quite interesting. Where the current design lacks interactivity and readability, the video below displays colorful tabs. Also, it offers basic features depending on the app. For twitter, it lets you fav and retweet as for Instagram, it lets you swipe around as a replacement for scrolling down your feed.

For more, please watch their outstanding concept below (If you can’t see it, click here):

It embraces a practical use, where Apple built-in features do not do the job. As for now, you can’t read and answer several messages in a row at once from the banner. Instead, you’ll answer one and receive the next right after, scrambling the conversation. This concept fixes that well.

Hoping that the next update will bring something similar. In the meantime, tell us what you think of the concept?

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